My Only Memory

(2018) The perception of the changing of things feels fragmentary in light of the impossibility of permanently being aware of it. Transformations can only be perceived as a part of the past. As if we could only realize that we have arrived in the “here”, but not know how. Past versus present. As if there… Read more »

Live Sculptures

Created by Juan Dominguez and Arantxa Martinez. Photos © Anja Beutler


Created by Juan Dominguez and Arantxa Martinez in collaboration with Maria Jerez, Valeria Graciano, Giulia Palladini and Mette Edvardsen.         Photos © Anja Beutler

Between what is no longer and what is not yet

  Photo: Cuqui Jerez Premiere 27.08. 21.00, 28.08. 16.00, Studio 4 (60 min) Uferstudios Dominguez wants to suspend events and create an interval of time in which he can try to integrate his past into his future. He will translate his visions and his desire to encounter the unknown through language. Dominguez is working alone for the first… Read more »

El triunfo de la libertad

(2014) The theatre presentation El Triunfo de La Libertad is a collaboration between La Ribot, choreographer Juan Domínguez and actor Juan Loriente, artists whose connection dates back to Madrid in the 1980s. The fruit of intensive experimentation and rigorous revision, El Triunfo de La Libertad eventually took on an unexpectedly minimal means of presentation and, after… Read more »

A room without view

(2011) The performance turns the spectator into an actor, making him perform his own expectation. The guest becomes a host. It’s in his/her hands to make the visit of the new guest as intimate and comfortable as possible. What’s behind the closet door? Is someone under the bed? And foremost who is the person in… Read more »

Clean Room Season 3

  Concept and direction: Juan Dominguez In collaboration with: Maria Jerez, Alice Chauchat, Arantxa Martinez Guests: Victoria Perez Royo, Alejandra Pombo, Emilio Tomé, Fernando Quesada, Anto Rodriguez Produced: Juan Dominguez Co-produced: Kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk and Tanzfabrik Berlin. With the support of Festival Surge/Madrid, La Comunidad de Madrid, Teatro Pradillo/Madrid, Museo Reina Sofia/Madrid, a.pass/Brüssel and Theaterhaus Mitte/Berlin Production:… Read more »

Clean room Season 2

Conspiracy? Intrigue? Betrayal? Community? Clean Room first season engaged the audience in a trip of trips across degrees of reality. The second season asks “what can we do together, that we cannot do alone?” Like TV series extend narratives over time, Clean Room challenges the spectators’ commitment by inviting them to come back and follow… Read more »

Clean room Season 1

What interests me particularly from TV series fiction is how much this fiction is currently an active part of the social construction of reality. This first season of ‘Clean Room’ is an attempt to change live performance parameters through some TV series procedures such as: extending in time the development of subjects, generating loyalty in… Read more »

Clean room (pilot)

If we isolate the television procedures and move them to another media that works with completely different spatio-temporal laws, then we can dissect and analyze the ways in which TV is a sort of assembly of thought.
Television has significantly influenced the way we perceive reality. Going beyond the conventional functions of training, informing and entertaining,… Read more »