Clean Room

Clean Room is a long-term project with a format of a live miniseries. It has four seasons, six episodes each. On each presentation of each season we present two episodes per day, every other day. The group of spectators of Clean Room attend all episodes. The same way TV series extend narratives over time, Clean… Read more »

Characters arriving

(2011) The person is a character forged in the past who has learned to multiply into many characters that interact with the present situation. We live with the body, not with words, and the body is forced to try to do what it is not able to do, so it mumbles, stumbles and repeats …… Read more »


(2009) Reversing the temporality of the events, putting them out of context, disassociating them, transforming their intentions, moving in its edges, extending their efficiency, eliminating the hierarchy between cause and effect, increasing awareness, reducing resistance, experimenting with short circuits, prolonging the pleasure, increasing effort to infinity, freezing the sensations, relaxing perception, experiencing the process of… Read more »

Don’t even think about it!

(2008) i had Backtracked the whole way without barely Straying but still i had the feeling i was Lost と i thought of Rushing in of Invading the space of Penetrating it of Overstepping its bounds but i Withdrew i Fell behind my position i Retreated without wanting to と i didn’t stop from Displacing… Read more »

All good artists my age are dead

After reading the book ‘Gestures’ by Vilém Flusser, I was attracted by the scenic possibilities that could be developed by working in the gestures of photographing and filming. There were two of starting points of this work, on one hand to think the theater audience as an observer of the person who proposes to observe… Read more »

Shichimi togarashi

(2006) To go in close means forgetting convention, reputation, reasoning, hierarchies and self. It also means risking incoherence, even madness. John Berger The piece is based on the journey of our first meeting (Juan and Amalia). We start from two separate wills that interact and find common sensitive areas through a drift of thought and… Read more »

The application

(2005) The application represents the staging of the written proposal for my next work shichimi togarashi. The application is a piece, a result, and will be valuable in its own right and presented as such. At the same time, it is an attempt to find a way of producing my next project without the conventional… Read more »

All good spies are my age

(2002) In this choreography the body is on the one hand just a tool to change ”cards”; on the other hand, it is exposed to these “cards” as scripts of processes. On these little cards, which are captured by a video camera and directly projected on a screen, a text is written. This text treats… Read more »

The taste is mine

(2000) The taste is mine is a repetitive and mechanical action circuit that affects attention to perceive reality from different points of view. I propose a circuit of perception and other sub-circuits of communication with the audience, dealing with reality through unrealities. The stimulus changes, but the meaning remains. The mind takes distance from the… Read more »