All good artists my age are dead


After reading the book ‘Gestures’ by Vilém Flusser, I was attracted by the scenic possibilities that could be developed by working in the gestures of photographing and filming. There were two of starting points of this work, on one hand to think the theater audience as an observer of the person who proposes to observe and on another hand to think in advance about the editing time on stage in which this situation was going to be given.
 From there, reality and fiction merged diluting its narrative boundaries.

Directed and performed by: Juan Domínguez
Inspired by: the book ‘Les Gestes’ by Vilém Flusser (1920-1991)
Music: A Chorus Line
Translation by Lucho López
Production: Juan Domínguez
Production assistant: Catherine Sardella
Commissioned by: Les Subsistances / Laboratoire de Création Artistique (Lyon)
Thanks to: Dorothea, Annita, Marcelo and his brother, the Indian couple’s daugther, Thalie, Cécile, François, and the restaurant’s waiter.