Clean room Season 1


What interests me particularly from TV series fiction is how much this fiction is currently an active part of the social construction of reality. This first season of ‘Clean Room’ is an attempt to change live performance parameters through some TV series procedures such as: extending in time the development of subjects, generating loyalty in the viewers, delivering the episodes periodically and creating tension between the repetition and the new. Another interesting support aspect from TV series is that they are not exhausted in the transmission of their chapters, but coexist and feed off various social networking formats, that’s why the spectators of ‘Clean Room’ will also be invited to participate and interfere in the series’ forum in order of gaining an active dialogue that can unfold different dimensions of the series. Clean Room will be built out of the multiplicity of realities coming from an actual community, from the extra theatrical world.

Critical text by Victoria Perez Royo


Concept and direction: Juan Dominguez
In collaboration with: María Jerez and Sara Manente
Artistic assistant: Alice Chauchat
Web design: Thomas Lobjoie
Production manager: Christian Modersbach
Production assistant: Michael Stuetz
Production: Juan Domínguez
Co-production: Hauptstadtkulturfonds (Berlin), BUDA Arts Centre (Kortrijk)
With the support of: Tanz im August and (Berlin, 2011)

PDF to download: CR Season 1 Dossier

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