The taste is mine


The taste is mine is a repetitive and mechanical action circuit that affects attention to perceive reality from different points of view. I propose a circuit of perception and other sub-circuits of communication with the audience, dealing with reality through unrealities. The stimulus changes, but the meaning remains. The mind takes distance from the body in order to use it as an element that belongs to language. The taste is mine is an attempt to interfere with the interpretation of meaning.

Concept and direction: Juan Domínguez
Light: Daniel Demont
Music: John Barry, CAN
Artistic assistant and production assistant: Cuqui Jerez
Production: Juan Domínguez
With the support of: Théâtre l’Arsenic (Laussane), Centre Coreogràfic (Valencia) and Parano Foundation (Laussane), La Ribot and Estudio 3.
Award: Solo Genèse 2001 at the Festival Lignes de Corps (Valenciennes).