Juan Dominguez is a maker and organizer within the fields of choreography and performing arts.

His work explores the relationship between different codes and advocates the complete dissolution between fiction and reality, using the former to produce the latter and vice versa. He is currently working on the construction of contexts that generate stronger and lasting relationships through continuity. He is also working on the idea of co-authorship between all the agents involved in a live aesthetic experience.

Some of his recent works are: Shichimi togarashi (2006), All good artists my age are dead (2007), blue (2009), Clean Room Pilot (2010), Characters arriving (2011), Clean Room Season 1 (2012), Clean Room Season 2 (2014) and El Triunfo de la Libertad (2014).

In the last 14 years he has curated different festivals and programs. He was, amongst others, artistic director of the Festival In-Presentable/La Casa Encendida (2003-12), co-director of Living room Festival (2010-13) and co-curator of Picnic Sessions at C2M-Madrid (2013-15).