Festival Avant-Garten


Juan Dominguez is known for cunningly conceptual audience formats and has become dear to the loyal Summer Festival audience’s heart through his performance series Clean Room (Season 1 + Season 2). In 2017 he presented in multiple forms: As the face of the Summer Festival campaign, as well as with his wormhole performance Between what is no longer and what is not yet and with the Festival Avant-Garden which Dominguez and performance artist Arantxa Martinez turned into a performance party-zone over three weeks. In 2017, the (non-)design of the garden was be taken over by HFBK Hamburg’s Studio for Experimental Design. In a radical proposal, the students questioned usual decoration of festivals and came up with an original alternative – thereby making space for the audience, art and surprises. Actions, performances and happenings by Dominguez/Martinez took place on festival days – with large numbers of both present and absent guests, including María Jerez, Laurie Anderson, Zea, Frabrizzio Terranova, Valeria Grazziano, Giulia Palladini, Boy Division, Gereon Klug and Circuit Diagram. What would take place when and with whom remained a secret; at least until the gossip mill could do its work. Early every evening, PM GARDEN exhaustively explored the spectrum between minor shows and “big events,” and the weekends always included AM GARDEN highlights at midnight for night owls.