Characters arriving


The person is a character forged in the past who has learned to multiply into many characters that interact with the present situation. We live with the body, not with words, and the body is forced to try to do what it is not able to do, so it mumbles, stumbles and repeats … The body is deformed as in dreams, looking for different articulations to go through laughter. Making something does not change you, but it is a sign. Making something changes almost nothing but it is part of the construction of the present. Everything that happens matters, even if we don’t care. Facing climate, the will is insignificant. You cannot change the wind direction. However, intuition and experience help us to know whether we have to wear waterproof boots or sunglasses. Behind the character there is a person with the same face as the character. Who created the character? The  created spectre lives in a parallel reality. By the way, where do you live?

Concept, performed and produced by Juan Dominguez, Rafael Lamata and Jaime Vallaure.
Co-produced by BAD Festival, Bilbao
Supported by Teatros del Canal, Madrid.