Anglo preposition “in” indicating, among other things, place, movement, time, circumstance and state … and also meaning inside access, the most current, the hot spot, along with the Spanish adjective “presentable”: be able to be presented. Although separated by a hyphen, it can be read as a single word in which the preposition becomes prefix and makes the antonym of the adjective form In-Presentable. This is the name of the interdisciplinary festival that began in 2003 with a first edition called Processes (Choreography) and ended in 2012.

In-Presentable started with artists with a dance background and has, since its inception, dealt with research about or matching strategies and processes used by the visual arts, theatre, cinema, music, media, advertising, architecture, science and other forms. In-Presentable has proposed a strategic program where different disciplines could coexist and that relaxes the boundaries that separate them, with the intention of finding connection points that allow them to expand.

The festival created a discourse in constant process and a theoretical environment that complemented its practices. It supported young local creation, exposed the different possibilities that frame each project, listened to and supported the needs of artists and spectators along with questioning the festival format in relation to those needs as well as the subjective commitment with which we relate to artistic practices and its projection to the social, political and economic strata that occupied our work.

The Website not only documented the work done during the years 2003-12, but intended to contextualize and make our work more visible. The blog and the Web also served as a platform, update and meeting point continuing the work between one edition and the next one.