Clean Room

Clean Room is a long-term project with a format of a live miniseries. It has four seasons, six episodes each. On each presentation of each season we present two episodes per day, every other day. The group of spectators of Clean Room attend all episodes. The same way TV series extend narratives over time, Clean Room challenges the spectator’s commitment by inviting them to come back to this group experience and follow its development over 5 days. They engage in a performative event and they are its protagonists.

The Pilot Season was presented in 2010, Season 1 in 2012, Season 2 in 2014 and Season 3 will be presented in 2016.

Although all seasons are connected together each season is independent, there is no need to attend to the previous one. The series is non-narrative but spectators generate the narratives that may occur.

Clean Room is an attempt to experiment the transformation of spectatorship towards co-authorship, rethinking reality from individual and collective subjectivity as well as self-organization.